Sandbags for the TV, film and photographic professional
Standbags Direct - Sand bags for TV, film and photographicStandbags Direct - Sand bags for TV, film and photographic

Sandbags for TV, film and photography

Rugged studio and camera equipment sandbag manufactured from a hard wearing fabric in matte black. A portable professional product, with a strong feel of quality to secure your equipment.

Photography sandbag saddlebag

Lighting Stand/Tripod Sandbag

  • Attractive saddlebag design
  • Easy to drape over boom arms, light stands or tripod legs
  • High-quality – very strong black nylon fabric
  • No leaks! Double zipped for design inside
  • Strong double strap – easy to hang
  • Well stitched for a professional appearance

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Boom water balance bag-photography-saddlebag-sandbags-tv-film-production

Microphone Boom Balance Bag

  • Strong double strap to hang over your mic boom
  • Stops your boom falling over
  • Smart design – look more professional when self-opping.
  • Large pockets – holds up to 4 x 500ml drinks bottles
  • Easy to vary the weight
  • Easy to reposition on your boom
  • Your mic will stay where you want it!

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V-Pillow saddle pod camera support

V-Pillow Padded Camera Support – PRE-FILLED

  • Pre-filled with polystyrene beans
  • V-shaped to easily protect your vehicle door
  • Photography bean bag for long lenses
  • Great for wildlife photography from a car window
  • Discreet black nylon material
  • Robust construction – for lenses up to 800mm

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Why buy from

We are real people that care about supplying quality equipment at a reasonable price to help you protect your photographic equipment and your reputation as a professional.

Very durable and easy to use

Our sandbags are manufactured from 1080D material to a proven design. Photo/film professionals use saddle sandbags to ballast light stands, tripods and production equipment.

Stop light stands blowing over

Designed to secure and balance your lighting stands and other vulnerable upright equipment in windy locations and reduce the risk of falling when knocked in the studio.

Buy with confidence direct from the manufacturers

Buying your sandbags from us is cheaper because there's no stockist mark-up. Buy with confidence that you're always buying at the best prices.

The professional's choice

Industrial sandbag usage includes experiments and structural weight testing. Use saddle sandbags to secure signs, banners, umbrellas, canopies, tarpaulins and displays.