Sandbags for the TV, film and photographic professional

V-Pillow Padded Camera Support


Designed to support your SLR or video camera.

  • Quicker than setting up a mini-tripod!
  • Soft padding for better camera protection
  • Deep groove for supporting long lenses
  • Beanbag style reduces vibration for a steadier shot
  • Large capacity for up to full-size broadcast camcorders

Your camcorder or DSLR will sit easily and securely into the soft V cavity. Measures 3o cm x 30 cm x 26m

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Designed to support your SLR or video camera.

  • Flexible polystyrene filling for adjusting your shot
  • Sturdy fabric for use on rough ground
  • Durable stitching for everyday use
  • Lightweight materials for ease of transport
  • Reduces vibration - steadier shot
  • Quicker than setting up a mini-tripod!

Next time you need that low down shot, don’t just let your camera wobble around in the dirt, rest it carefully on a v-pillow padded camera support from StandbagsDirect. Not only will you be able to line up your shot but you’ll save your camera body from being scratched, so it will last longer and be worth more if you sell it. When was it ever a good idea to put thousands of pounds worth of optics anywhere near dirt and dust?

Protects your equipment, looks professional, better than a rolled up jumper!

This V-shaped pad is suitable for most DSLRs (even with a long lens) and up to full-size shoulder-mounted broadcast cameras.

Your camera will sit easily and securely into the soft V cavity, or you can flip the pod over so that the V sits over a vehicle door to provide protection for both camera and car, plus it’s less embarrassing than rolling up a jumper! Made from a long-lasting, durable fabric designed to stand up to the rigours of a busy professional studio environment

Super lightweight construction

The v-pillow is filled with light-weight polystyrene ‘beans’ They are so light you can chuck it into your car and you won’t know it’s there. On location? Late night? Need to get some shut-eye? The v-pillow can also easily support the average camera operator’s head!

This V-Pillow measures 3o cm x 30 cm x 26m


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