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Microphone Boom Balance Bag


Designed to counter balance your boom mic

  • Double handles for added strength
  • 2 pockets for adjustable weighting
  • Added protection for your microphone
  • Folds flat for easy stowage
  • Durable fabric for long life

Simply hang a Boom Balance Bag on the end of the boom and your mic will hold the position you want out of shot, and not bop the talent unconscious.

99 in stock (can be backordered)

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The easy way to counter-balance your boom in the studio or on location.

  • Stylish black design for professional appearance
  • Small and light-weight for ease of transport
  • Simple to use, just add water bottles
  • Durable stitching for rough service
  • Sturdy stitching for a boom bag that should last years

Our Microphone Boom Balance Bags are designed in a saddle bag format with sturdy pockets that easily hold 4 x 500ml water bottles. They fold completely flat so you can fit several in your kit bag. Just pick up enough bottled drinks on your way to the shoot and add as many as you need to keep your boom where you want it, instead of casting Alien head shadows that directors love. Not.

Remove your bottles when you’re done and the boom bag is easy to roll up and throw into your bag, taking up almost no space. They’re designed to last, made from a long-lasting, durable fabric with double strap handles and sturdy stitching.

This boom water bag measuring 28cm x 25 cm has two individual pockets.

Note: Purchase is for bag only, use any plastic 500ml sized soft drinks bottles.

1 review for Microphone Boom Balance Bag

  1. Administrator

    Saved my Sennheiser!

    Using this with my ME66 on the boom means I have hands free to concentrate on getting the shot because I know the boom is stable and won’t suddenly decide to take a nosedive, killing my mic, again! Thanks for a simple and cheap product, I bought this bag along with 2 sandbags and I take them everywhere.

    Steve P.

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