Sandbags for the TV, film and photographic professional

Dan R

A must in any professional’s kit bag!

The StandBags, (sandbag) I feel I should have bought a long time ago! The amount of times I’ve had to catch my lighting stands after they’ve been knocked into or kicked the last thing I want is a court case over caving in someone’s head with an Arri! (And I like my lights in one piece!) Again, I was amazed at the quality of the product at such an affordable price. (At this point I’d like to say cheap, but that would imply poor quality, which these are definitely not! But they are cheap!) Now we’ve all done it, packed away at a shoot, not double checked and left something behind. I would be sad to lose my little standy friend, but at such reasonable cost, I won’t be losing any sleep! These are too good to call disposable, but at these prices, they almost are! I can rest assured knowing at the click of my mouse I can have a brand spanking new one by the next day.